Who are we and where did MonitorConnect© come from?


MonitorConnect© is a cloud based web service created by connectrex corp., the undisputed leader in Justice Case management. connectrex corp. was created in 2001 with the best and brightest Criminal Case Management and IT Professionals.   Our case management staff includes line staff, administrators, and supervisors with over 45 years collective experience.  Our software development team has an even greater experience base building leading edge solutions. 

Over the last decade, connectrex corp. has developed 8 commercial web applications including Monitor Enterprise, the award winning Supervision Case Management System.

What sets connectrex corp apart from other companies?

  …It's our people and our experience!


Together this unique group of experts has made conectrex corp the undisputed leader of Case Management Application Development.

  Certified for Windows Server Microsoft Gold Partner Micorosft Azure