Frequently Asked Questions


1) What supervision services does MonitorConnect provide?
MonitorConnect is a web portal and phone based collection of supervision services including:

  • web and phone offender reporting
  • automated reminders to increase appearance and compliance rates
  • offender on demand access to case file information and agency forms/documents
  • messaging services between offenders and officers, and
  • networking of social service agencies to facilitate status and compliance reporting

2) Does our agency need to utilize all of the services or can we pick and choose?
MonitorConnect is a collection of integrated services that can be selected and combined depending on the needs of your agency. Please contact connectrex corp. for details.


1) Can our agency determine which reporting questions are asked?
Yes. MonitorConnect includes a library of questions from which agencies can select.

2) Can we have specific questions for different types of offenders?
Yes. MonitorConnect allows offenders to be categorized by case type, and provides specialized questions for offenders with specific charges in addition to general questions that everyone must answer.

3) Will offenders be reminded when they are to report-in?
Yes. Offenders can receive multiple configurable reminders and reminders can be sent via text messages and/or email.

4) What type of alerts does MonitorConnect generate?
MonitorConnect employs a sophisticated Business Rules Engine to generate alerts. Officers can receive alerts via text messages, email, or MonitorConnect dashboard reports. Examples of alerts include offender failure to enroll, failure to report, failure to pay, undesirable responses to reporting questions, and changes in offender status and information depending upon selected preferences.

5) Can we set a grace period for offenders who report late?
Yes. MonitorConnect knows when offenders are scheduled to report and when they actually do report. This information is always available to officers. MonitorConnect will notify offenders when they are late and issue appropriate warnings. At the same time, we allow agencies to set a grace period so that while you will receive a notification of any late reports you will only receive an alert if the grace period is exceeded.

6) Is there a way a client’s identity can be verified?
Yes. MonitorConnect includes a biometric voice verification option.

7) How long does it take to enroll a person in MonitorConnect?
About three to four minutes. It will take slightly longer on the phone and if voice verification is required.

8) Must clients use the same telephone for report-ins that they used for enrollment?
No. Clients can use any cell or land-line phone.

 Case Management Systems and Data Exchanges

1) Can MonitorConnect share information with my agency’s case management system?
Yes. Based on your preferences, MonitorConnect can exchange information with third party case management systems. You don’t have to change your case management system to use MonitorConnect.

2) Do you require information from our local case management system?
No. Information can be manually entered or uploaded from a spreadsheet or file. While helpful, it is not necessary to create a data exchange between MonitorConnect and your case management system.

 Pricing and Payments

1) How is MonitorConnect priced?
MonitorConnect is a service and provided for a monthly fee per offender. The rate varies depending on a number of factors. Please contact connectrex corp. for details.

2) Can my agency use MonitorConnect at no cost to our agency?
Yes. Fees are charged either to the offender or agency. Agencies who wish to use the offender pay model can use MonitorConnect at no charge.

3) How do clients pay?
Clients can pay over the web or phone. connectrex corp. accepts debit and credit cards including prepaid cards that can be purchased at any convenience store, retail outlet, or at Western Union.

4) For calls, does the offender incur any long-distance telephone charges?
No. MonitorConnect uses a toll-free number.

5) Are there any additional fees for non-compliance, missed check-ins or alerts?

6) What if a client doesn’t pay?
YClients have instant access to their payment records and balance. MonitorConnect will remind clients when payments are due. If a client does not pay, we will send the client late notices and notify the agency. The client can continue to access the web site for a certain length of time but not be allowed to report until payment is current.

7) What if a client can’t afford to pay?
Low monthly rates make the system affordable for almost everyone; however, connectrex corp. has provisions to allocate a select number of slots for individuals who cannot pay as well as alternate pricing plans that can take into account a certain indigency rate. Please Contact connectrex corp. for details.

 Monitor Connect and the Monitor Case Management System

1) Does MonitorConnect integrate with the Monitor case management system?
Yes. Connect can operates as a stand-alone system, integrate with third party systems, and is also fully integrated with the award winning, Monitor Case Management System.

2) Is there a way to receive the Monitor case management system at no charge?
Yes. Depending on the number of individuals placed on the MonitorConnect system, connectrex corp. will waive license, implementation, and even support fees. Please contact connectrex corp. for details.


1) Must calls be made from a land-line (wired) phone?
No. MonitorConnect works with both landline and cell phones.

2) Does MonitorConnect require clients to remove or add any features or devices to the telephone line?

3) Is any specialized equipment required by the offender or agency?

4) Does MonitorConnect require our agency to use or purchase any special hardware or software?
No. As a hosted solution, there is no hardware for an agency to purchase. The only software MonitorConnect requires is a browser. Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, and Apple’s Safari all work with MonitorConnect.

5) Who hosts the MonitorConnect service?
connectrex corp. has partnered with Microsoft to create and host MonitorConnect. Microsoft is hosting MonitorConnect in the Cloud on the Windows Azure platform, providing unprecedented security, scalability, and efficiency.

6) Is the Cloud safe and secure?
Yes. The cloud represents the future of application development and data storage. The Microsoft Azure cloud platform is used and trusted by NASA, as well as major companies such as 3M, Intuit, Lockheed Martin, and Xerox.

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