Supervision System Overview


MonitorConnect is an innovative web and phone based collection of supervision services including automated appointment reminders, on-line and phone offender reporting, offender on demand access to information including agency forms and documents, and networking of social service agencies. With MonitorConnect, offenders can answer agency configurable questions, update their address and employment information, and send and receive messages from their case managers.

MPlacing offenders on MonitorConnect will allow agencies to better manage larger caseload levels while still maintaining offender accountability. Consistent with Evidence Based Practices, by automating the process, we allow agencies to manage larger caseloads with less effort, reallocate supervision resources to higher risk caseloads and actually reduce costs.

MonitorConnect acts as a Virtual Probation Officer to augment your staff at no additional cost to your agency. At every step of the supervision process the VirtualPOSM will help offenders comply with their conditions and assist your staff in managing their caseloads. The Virtual POSM helps everyone, including offenders, save time and money.

Unlike traditional phone reporting systems, MonitorConnect also embraces the web and provides web specific services that integrate offenders and social service providers with your agency on the same platform. It is this integration and our specialized software that allows us to provide a superior form of case management that can be applied to ALL offenders, not just low-level caseloads, offering significant accountability and efficiency advantages over traditional phone, kiosk, and mailer systems.

Using the internet expands the function of offender reporting, allowing offenders to become more engaged in their supervision. They can instantly see their supervision terms, conditions, and requirements on demand. They can verify court dates and communicate with their case managers, sending and receiving messages. Offenders can use the system any time of day or night, allowing them the flexibility to interact whenever they are able.

By networking social service agencies together, your agency will benefit from the ability of these agencies to file online compliance information and status reports that your staff will receive in real time. Together, these benefits greatly strengthen your ability to better manage your offenders while increasing accountability and positive outcomes.

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