Rethink Self-Reporting & Reminders with MonitorConnect©

  You already know, caseloads and demands on agencies are skyrocketing. Budgets are flat or being slashed.

The move to Evidence Based Practices combined with tight budgets are forcing us to move to newer, less restrictive means of supervising offenders. We need better tools and techniques to address these issues and maintain public safety.

MonitorConnect© goes far beyond traditional phone or kiosk offender reporting systems by helping ALL offenders and defendants. Offenders can set preferences to receive reminders via SMSText, email or voice, and can access via their mobile devices or through the web or telephone.

By making compliance simple and showing the offenders progress towards their goals, MonitorConnect gives positive reinforcement and prevents technical violations. The offender always has two-way communication with a caseworker or MonitorConnect© specialist before any fault occurs.

Benefits and Features
  • Fully configurable Offender Report-In questionnaire (web, mobile, phone)
  • Automated messaging via email, text, and phone
  • Third-party social service agency collaboration
  • No hardware or software required
  • Low or NO cost (offender pay option)

SPECIAL! Depending upon how many offenders your Agency enrolls in MonitorConnect© - you may be eligible for a FREE license to Monitor Enterprise, our award winning Case management System!

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